Welcome to The Boingo Mausoleum!

If you've landed here, I will assume that you're as big a fan of Oingo Boingo as I am. Welcome! This no-frills website contains the extensive, but ever-incomplete, list of rare Oingo Boingo material I've collected over the years. With more than 75 live shows, lots of DVDs, nearly a dozen rehearsals, and even some Mystic Knights goodies, I've done my best to track down everything I can related to my favorite band.

If any of this material interests you, I'm always up for trading. If you have something I don't (whether it's on the wantlist or not), please send me an e-mail at boingomausoleum@gmail.com! Please note that none of this material is for sale. That both means that it's not commercially available, so the band has no current way to profit off of it (though I would love for this stuff to get a proper release!), and that I will not sell this material either.

The vast majority of the audio listed on this site is uncompressed, though I did find some of it floating around the internet. I've labeled and categorized everything as best I could, but some guesswork was necessary when something came with scant, inaccurate, or no information.

Thanks for stopping by, take a look around, and e-mail me (boingomausoleum@gmail.com) if you have any questions or want to trade!

Last site update: 05/14/2020